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Pre & Post Election Dispute Resolution

Our election petitions starts with representing each client with their initial candidate nomination petitions and continues through electoral board hearings, judicial review in all courts, referendum petitions and election day procedures.

For more than 29 years, our firm has been acknowledged as a leader in the development and practice of election law in Nigeria. Our firm has served on matters ranging from local hearings to landmark cases

Garnishee proceedings, otherwise known as ‘garnishment’ is a judicial process of execution or enforcement of monetary judgment wherein money belonging to a judgment debtor, in the hands or possession of a third party known as the ‘Garnishee’ (usually a bank/ employer), is attached or seized by a judgment creditor, the ‘Garnishor’, in satisfaction of a judgment sum or debt. The amounts in question must however be actually due and payable.

Our lawyers have specific qualifications and have gained remarkable experience in managing Garnishee proceedings.

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