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Disclaimer Notice

Our attention has been drawn to a letter with Ref No. OWC/1118/2015, purporting to emanate from our law firm, addressed to the Director of Operations, Foreign Payment Department, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) with the Heading: Transfer of Payment in Re: Contract No. NNPC/PED/PH/1452/2007, with respect to payment of the sum of $24.5 Million USD to certain individuals.

We hereby state categorically that the said letter is a fraud and did not emanate from our law firm. We do not have any dealings whatsoever with anyone named Mr. Tadashi Kudo, the email address and telephone numbers on the said letter do not belong to our law firm. The signature on the said letter does not belong to our principal in chambers, Okey Wali (SAN) and the stamp therein is not our office stamp. The address on the letter is not our office address.

We thus advice the general public and Central Bank of Nigeria in particular to disregard the said letter.

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