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Integrity, respect and open communication

Diversity and Inclusion

It is critical to our success to foster a diverse workforce that not only reflects the communities where we do business but also encourages a variety of thoughts, opinions and ideas. Every day we work to provide an environment where all employees feel valued and included, able to nurture their talent as individuals and as part of a collaborative team.

A diverse and inclusive workplace, embedded in our core values of integrity, respect and open communication brings together remarkable people and enables them to be themselves. An inclusive culture is one where we can feel we can bring our whole selves to work and where we can express our ideas openly.

We all work to ensure our workplace is free from discrimination and intolerance. We celebrate the diverse talent and skills of these team members, provide equal access to growth and advancement, and treat each other with respect. Our philosophy of inclusion influences how we relate to each other, how we manage our company and how we serve our customers. Above all, it’s about respect and what each of our employees brings to OWC.

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